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Introducing ItzaGasCan

The innovative, one-time use ItzaGasCan is a must have safety tool to ensure you can get gas, day or night, at gas stations when the unexpected happens.  The collapsible gas can leverages patented bag-in-box technology to hold one gallon of fuel, enabling a user to quickly assemble, fill, and get their automobile out of harm’s way and onto the road. Whether you are in an emergency situation, or planning ahead, the ItzaGasCan is the perfect solution to your gas shortage needs or prevention.

One Time Use

Our patented nozzle allows for a safe, quick flow of fuel into your automobile. After the nozzle has been inserted, it cannot be removed.


The ItzaGasCan meets ASTM F2874-12 and continuously undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal consumer safety.

Child-Proof Cap

Our CPSC vetted child-proof cap prevents any unintended use or spillage from occurring during attended transport.


The ItzaGasCan takes up 1/6th the space of a traditional plastic can on store shelves, and is easily stored in the trunk or glove compartment.


  • We put the filled can in the back of a pick up to simulate what would happen as you were taking the gas can back to your stranded car. No leaks. Then we used the can to put gas into the tank. it worked better than the $35 plastic can we bought in a pinch one night at a convenient store.

    Matthew Wright, Auto Repair Expert
  • Damn fine emergency containers, those things are. We had a few of those on our Alaska trip last summer.

    Nate Falls, Motorcycle Enthusiast
  • Travel with your own emergency carrier - not a bulky metal can that emits dangerous fumes, but a fold-flat one-time use, disposable container that takes up no space, doesn’t leak and won’t drip when you pour.
  • This is pretty neat; I'd know where to put it on my bike, and its more handy than the regular containers!

    Uma Smith, Cross Country Motorcycle Rider

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