Convenience Stores
bullet.jpg Save Space

The ItzaGasCan 6-pack caddy takes up the shelf space of one gas can. Think of how this space can be used to make more money!!

bullet.jpg Safety

The ItzaGasCan passes and in some cases exceed performance tests to rigorous UN test protocol for performance-oriented packaging.  UN tests demonstrate robustness of design!

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bullet.jpg Easy

The newest Pop-up design makes assembly a snap.  Focus groups including teenagers and senior citizens all agree that this assembly is no problem even fun!!

bullet.jpg Convenient

You are a convenience store.  You must provide your customers with convenient products to meet their needs. Why stock bulky gas cans  (a necessary evil?) at low margins.  The customer needs a gas can and enough gas to get from the car back to your store to fill up.  They do not typically want the smelly gas can after use so the one-time use is a plus.  They simply throw it away.  Plus-standard CARB/EPA cans are typically not on-road use ready and require additional funnels or nozzle extenders for use with cars.


Some states already require CARB cans and effective Jan 1 2009 the entire nation will require them.  The ItzaGasCan is officially exempt from these rules!

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Corporate Goal: To replace every blow molded plastic gas can sold in America's convenience stores with ItzaGasCan.

Lower Cost, Less warehouse space, less delivery space, and less retail store space, means higher profits!!





Other display vehicles available.

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