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bullet.jpg NACS 2007

The ItzaGasCan 6-Pack Caddy takes 7th in the NACS Cool New Products again generating huge interest among Convenience store retailers. "It just makes sense" says Rick White of Delta Marketing. "It takes up less space on the retail shelf, in the delivery truck and on the warehouse floor. C-stores simply do not have the space to devote to traditional gas cans"

"Itza-No-Brainer" says Craig Warnimont of L&W Innovations. "With the upcoming EPA regulations making traditional gas cans more and more expensive, there is just no reason not to switch over now. Why wait till you are forced to switch? The ItzaGasCan carries excellent margins plus it saves you so much in soft costs on the trucks and in the warehouse."

Keep your eye on the ItzaGasCan. This product is bound to be the only gas can for stranded motorists in the very near future.

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bullet.jpg NACS 2006

ItzaGasCan takes 3rd overall in total number of scans for more information:

Each retailer entering the Cool New Products section of NACS 2006 in LasVegas , November 8-11, was given a special scanner allowing them to scan items that were of interest/ request more information. These scans were tallied and a top ten list was compiled for the show. With over 300 products in the Cool New Products section, ItZaGAScan scored third in the total number of scans for the entire show.

The booth was packed all show as well with interested retailers wanting more information on this exciting new product. Rick White and Diego Casarreal of Delta Marketing, L&W Innovations national broker, were ecstatic with the response. Jon Lips, President of L&W Innovations could not keep his excitement contained upon finding out the information. "It is amazing!, It took a little while but I feel we are finally rockin'!" said Jon Lips. He also stated, "This year we have distribution so the customers can go home today and have it on there shelves almost imediately versus last year (when we were just setting up distribution)".