bullet.jpg Save Space

The ItzaGasCan fits in the trunk, under the seat or in many glove compartments- Just in Case!!

bullet.jpg Safety

The ItzaGasCan passes and in some cases exceed performance tests to rigorous UN test protocol for performance-oriented packaging.  UN tests demonstrate robustness of design!

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bullet.jpg Easy

The newest Pop-up design makes assembly a snap.  Focus groups including teenagers and senior citizens all agree that this assembly is no problem even fun!!

bullet.jpg Convenient

The small space saves on shipping. it is a great item for many different consumer sectors. Great margins and available artwork makes adding this item to your catalog or website a snap. Call us for more info.


Some states already require CARB cans and effective Jan 1 2009 the entire nation will require them.  The ItzaGasCan is officially exempt from these rules!




Other display vehicles available.

Please contact us for the broker in your area.