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Recently the EPA published plans to institute CARB type rules for the entire nation effective January 1, 2009. The EPA/CARB standard is a simple way for states to reduce air emissions from portable fuel containers.  Due to the ItzaGasCan's single use nature, the ItzaGasCan is officially EXEMPT from EPA/CARB (California Air Resource Board) restrictions for portable fuel containers. Many states have already adopted the CARB standards for fuel containers (Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and now Ohio and New Hampshire) to name a few. Costs for the new CARB compliant plastic containers have tripled!  This makes the ItzaGasCan even more cost effective, and the decision to carry it an easy one.

Why wait to change over. Offer the ItzaGasCan now. It is CARB/EPA exempt, takes up less space in warehouses, on trucks, on store shelves, and in the car (just in case).  It is convenient for the consumer and it makes you more money!

Link for CARB Letter

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The ITZAGASCAN is intended and approved for the attended transport of fuel from the gas station to the stranded out of gas vehicle.

NFPA 30 section 9.4 Acceptable Containers, and specifically section 3, states:

3. Plastic containers that meet requirements set by and contain products authorized by the following:

(a) The U.S. Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 100-199, or by Part 6 of the UN publication Recommendations on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

The ItzaGasCan is tested and approved to the nationally recognized 49 CFR 178.600 and is therefore an acceptable container under NFPA 30. However, NFPA 30 is a standard for the unattended storage of fuel (Letter from NFPA available upon request) and since the ItzaGasCan is not intended for unattended storage, it is outside the scope of NFPA 30.

The ItzaGasCan is approved for the attended transport of fuel only. Any other use is misuse and should be considered unlawful.

Despite this, some states have still decided to make the sale of the ItzaGasCan unlawful. these states are:

New Hampshire, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas and Illinois.

Reasons cited for non-approval stem from issues such as the concern that the ItzaGasCan will be used to store fuel unattended even though this is clearly stated as not allowed. There is confusion over the word storage. Some states contend that storage is not defined so therefore even temporary attended transport of fuel is considered storage. Bob Benedetti of NFPA has stated that we are not for storage and beyond the scope of NFPA 30, states rely on NFPA 30 in there codes for safe storage of flammable liquids so, therefore, I think storage is defined. The intent of the codes are clear that storage means unattended storage of fuel in buildings etc. We continue to present our case to these states and hope to resolve this issue soon.

If you would like specific information regarding your state just email us! 

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