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bullet.jpg Great Innovative Safety Item

There are three common things that strand motorists; dead battery, flat tire and out of gas. Most auto-parts stores carry jumper cables and various roadside tire inflators. They carry standard gas cans but they are simply too bulky to carry around in the car. The ItzaGasCan is the perfect solution to this common roadside problem. Often gas stations are out of gas cans or the pumps are still working but the store is closed. Stranded motorists are often forced to use non-compliant containers potentially exposing them to extreme danger. The ItzaGasCan takes up very little space in the trunk or under the seat making it a necessary emergency item.

bullet.jpg Safety

The ItzaGasCan passes and in some cases exceed performance tests to rigorous UN test protocol for performance-oriented packaging.  UN tests demonstrate robustness of design!

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bullet.jpg Easy

The newest Pop-up design makes assembly a snap.  Focus groups including teenagers and senior citizens all agree that this assembly is no problem even fun!!

bullet.jpg Convenient

The ItzaGasCan is a great impulse item for the safety concious. It is a wonderful inexpensive gift and it just makes sense. The product comes in an attractive 6-pack counter/shelf display. The ItzaGasCan is the perfect innovative item for the grocery automotive set.


Some states already require CARB cans and effective Jan 1 2009 the entire nation will require them.  The ItzaGasCan is officially exempt from these rules!




Other display vehicles available.

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