How do I store my ItzaGasCan?

The ItzaGasCan is not intended for storage with fuel. You can store the product in your trunk, glove compartment, under a seat, or in a safety kit.

How does the ItzaGasCan work?

By following the illustrated assembly instructions, the ItzaGasCan quickly pops together. Fill the bag with gasoline at a gas station and then thread the nozzle into the fill neck until you can no longer twist. Remove the child-proof cap and dispense the gas into your vehicle.

How do I throw the ItzaGasCan away?

Just like an empty canister of lighter fluid, once the ItzaGasCan has been emptied it can be thrown away in a garbage receptacle.

Why is the ItzaGasCan one-time use?

The ItzaGasCan was designed for one-time use to provide consumers with a less expensive, safe option to gas up their vehicles in emergency situations, on long road trips, or for motorcyclists. Rather than throw a smelly gas can with residue gasoline in the trunk, the ItzaGasCan is only used once.

Can I store fuel in my ItzaGasCan?

The ItzaGasCan is not intended for fuel storage.

What government agencies govern the product?

The ItzaGasCan complies with regulations set forth by ASTM, EPA, and CARB.

How does the ItzaGasCan relieve pressure?

The ItzaGasCan has a pressure release valve to prevent pressure buildup.

Does the ItzaGasCan work with diesel fuel?

Yes, the ItzaGasCan works with diesel, E85, and gasoline.


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